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Lock & Co

With more than 350 years brand heritage, Lock & Co is not only the oldest hat shop in the world… It created the Bowler in 1849, has two Royal Warrants and crafted headwear for some of the greatest figures in history including Admiral Lord Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplain and Oscar Wilde. All of this achieved by 7 generations of one legendary family from their shop on St. James’s Street London.

Heritage aside, Lock & Co needed a well crafted platform to communicate this legacy to a new audience. Through careful directive and execution, we were able to achieve this without abandoning the brand’s values or isolating existing loyal customers. Lock & Co was designed and built in collaboration with Diligent Commerce and Ronis BT

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20th Annual WEBBY AWARDS • Honoree

Lifestyle image concepts and direction – Web styleguide creation – Fully responsive engaging Heritage timeline – Hat care and sizing pages

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